Motivation Meltdown

28 Nov

As a fitness and nutrition professional, I motivate people constantly.  But what happens when the very person who needs the motivation is the motivator?

This time of year is my favorite b/c it reminds me of the best times of my life, the season my two boys were born.  The waiting and anticipating, nesting and relaxing while decorating for the Holidays.  All I want to do now, even though my boys are 2 and 4, is sit in front of my cozy Christmas decorations, think of what to gift while I watch the Science or History channel.

This is when my clients really keep me going.  They are actually the once that motivate me and they don’t even know it.  Their need and want to be motivated and the intrinsic motivation I’ve worked all year on instilling in them allow me to stay focused on our goals.  So professionally is covered but what about me and my fitness gThe ass squeezeroals?

I just decided to start lifting heavy again and for the past two weeks I’ve been Ill with a sinus infection and then Thanksgiving came around and now Christmas.  Now don’t get me wrong, I gladly reserve the right to be a lazy-ass sometimes but I need to get back to my weights.  I’m using the Holidays as an excuse for my personal fitness goals but this is exactly what I council my clients on avoiding.  The obstacle of excuses.

On top of that, now that it’s been a week since lifting heavy, I feel my muscle decreasing which makes my motivation problem a big fat avalanche.

So what will I do? When I’m in a funk like this, I find myself to committing to others that I will keep on my goals but that never works.  I must commit to myself.  Make a checklist every day of the week of each workout routine and treat myself like a clients.  I am my own client!

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