Why Resolutions Fail!

4 Feb

How many of you are still on your way to reaching your New Year’s resolution?  Now, those of you that are still striving for your resolution, how many of you have lost a bit of drive or uumph, if you will?

Without even knowing what your particular resolution is, I can easily predict that 90% of you will fail yourself in achieving your goal.  I know what you are thinking, “If she’s trying to be encouraging, she’s starting off the wrong way!”

The truth is, I’m not trying to be optimistic, pessimistic or even a realist, I’m  being an opportunist.  I see an opportunity to help you succeed in perhaps a time when the daily activities of life are overbearing and pulling your focus away from a new goal.

I’m going to simply tell you why your New Year’s resolution will probably fail and how you can take the opportunity of this for site and make your resolution work for you.

Why you will Fail:

1.  As you bog yourself down in your day to day activities, those activities will become more important than yourself.

2.  You are making positive affirmations about yourself that you, in fact, don’t really believe.

3.  You fall away from your comfort zone.

4.  You forget WHY your resolution was so important.

5.  It’s failed in the past, what makes you think you can do it this year?  (that’s the voice in your head, your ego)

In my case, I’ve realized that I am only kidding myself with my first resolution.  I want to stop cussing.  Here is why I have failed, It’s NOT on my priority list, it’s important to me that my children don’t cuss but not life threatening and most of us know how I feel about cussing children..(see my blog…http://modernmommymarvels.wordpress.com/2011/12/31/cussing-toddlers-are-so-freakin-cute/)  And, I don’t want this change to become who I am, I actually really like cussing. Lastly, when I don’t cuss, I’m at the opposite end of my comfort zone

How you will make your resolution work:

1.  List your priorities 1 to 3.  Is your resolution in there?  If not, it’s not important enough for you to care any more.  Maybe re assess your resolution.

2.  Write down the reasons WHY this resolution is so important to you?

3.  Find a Resolution partner.  (sounds silly, I know) Telling a partner, spouse, co worker or trainer your resolution and why it’s important  will allow them to help keep you accountable.

4.  Every Sunday, schedule out time in each of your days to practice or engage in your resolution.

5.  Confirm to yourself every day that this positive change can become a part of who you are.

Now, my other resolution was to gain weight.  Muscle weight.  This is why I will succeed

1.  It is my #2 priority next to keeping my family safe and healthy.

2.  It is important b/c my mind is stronger, my memory is sharper, my children love their happy Mommy, I naturally keep my hormones balanced and I’m not as ‘physco killer’ during my monthly (don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about!)

3.  My resolution partner is my life partner and Husband, Kyle and my clients

4.  I schedule my workout days and even my days off according to all my other activities (business and personal) not the other way around!

5.  Lastly, this must be a part of who I am so that I am more balanced and can give 100% to my family, friends, business partners and my awesome clients.

I always say, ‘stop resolving and start doing.’  Finding your intrinsic motivation will allow you to do just that.  To this day, the best slogan or catch phrase I’ve ever heard is Nike’s “Just do it.”   So, what drives you to do it?

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