Top 5 ways to Lose Weight on V-Day

14 Feb

The top 5 ways to lose weight on Valentines Day.

5. Save up your dinner carbs for your small night-time, Luxury Carb
4. Use Valentines day as an excuse to ‘have to’ work out so you can look good for your Honey-Bunny.
3. Make a dinner instead of going out and eating mass produced food.

2. Dance in your home or in a Club
1. Make a Romantic Night. For Example:

  • Kissing burns – 68 calories per hour
  • undressing – 8 calories total
  • massaging – 80 calories per hour
  • Hanky Panky — 144 per half hour!!! We have a winner!!

Lose weight, not the love this Valentine’s Day!

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One Response to “Top 5 ways to Lose Weight on V-Day”

  1. Angel June 12, 2012 at 3:06 PM #

    Cool to know the calories one can burn enjoying sex and romance with a partner! How exciting. I also like the suggestion of saving dinner carbs for one small luxury carb (like dessert). I have found that eating too many carbs in one meal packs on the pounds, even if they are good carbs. So rather than cutting carbs, I just limit them. Good post

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