Sexy Curves 101

28 Feb

Sexy Curves 101.

As I sit here and watch Sex and The City, a show that I’m not particularly fond of but it serves its purpose of much needed mind-less TV; I find I’m more interested in the marketing strategies behind the commercials in between each humorously slutty scene. The first thing I notice is all the beautiful, carefully placed and proportioned, women in these commercials selling health, white teeth, insurance and crap TV. To my surprise, the ones that catch my eye are not the crazy fit or skinny young ladies it’s actually the 40 pluses with the super sexy curves.

Sexy Shakira
This shocked me since I’m more inclined to need my body to be straight, muscular tone and tight. However, with the attractive curves, I notice their proportions were attractive too. So, what is my optimal, most attractive or most wanted body type… for me? When I’m trying to figure out ‘what body type if ME’ these observations didn’t matter a bit b/c who knows what is fake and real. Well, some of the ‘fake’ was quite obvious but still not aesthetically unpleasing my any means.
So, with all these beautiful women to look at do I want the full sexy Marylin Menroe body? Do I want the ballet body I once had but worked very hard on getting and achieving it in only the most unhealthy ways? Or, do I want the fit body that I’m more prone to having but struggle with it on a motivation level?
As I ponder what ‘body type’ I want, it hits me like a tone of plate weights, why do I care about fitting into the certain ideals of what I see on TV or what I once used to have? The answer leads to Sexy Curves 101 Lesson A (SC 101-A,) Set aside everything we see on TV and in Magazines b/c most of it is bull shit. Strip away the strip club boobies, teeth un touched by coffee and perky puffed up asses. Only then can we see a true women and how she truly views herself and takes care of herself.
I chose the body that just happens when I apply my strong principles of eating clean and working out hard. When I see a woman that is confident, healthy, happy and strong I feel more motivated than by any particular ‘body type’. That’s the curves I want to sport.
SC 101 – Lesson A: Dismiss marketing ploys portraying the aesthetically pleasing bodies, the body you deserve is the body you have. Fake is not Fantastic, it shows no true work ethic.
I truly love the way I look when I work hard for what I have. Cup size – A and 13 months of nursing, waist size – 6 pack and fantastic c-section scar, Hip Size – 2 toddler boys and an every- growing squat weight, and a back that illustrates how hard I work in the gym, at home with my family and with my inspiring clients.
Work hard for your body and appreciate every inch. Don’t work hard for it and continue to lust over the sales bodies you see on TV. Stay healthy and I promise you will love yourself, the way you feel and have a better appreciation for a natural and nurtured personal and professional life.


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4 Responses to “Sexy Curves 101”

  1. Elena February 28, 2012 at 7:35 PM #

    So true girl!! I have finally stop comparing what I used to look like because I have come to found out that your body changes with age…let’s face it I am not a size 0 like when I was 19, I am not at size 6 like when I was 25…my size consists of three beautiful children who shaped my body with certain curves and 3 c-sections scars. I wouldn’t change it for anything!! 🙂

  2. alienredqueen April 30, 2012 at 1:36 PM #

    “I chose the body that just happens when I apply my strong principles of eating clean and working out hard.” Best part!

    • erikaervinfitness May 1, 2012 at 1:42 AM #

      Thank you! I truly believe this. If one does what they need to do to stay healthy they should love they body they were gifted with.

  3. Angel June 12, 2012 at 3:03 PM #

    I love this quote: “Strip away the strip club boobies, teeth un touched by coffee and perky puffed up asses.” I find myself turned off by too much teeth bleach and spray tan oranginess. Most men that I know prefer a “healthy” body to a supermodel body. I think a healthy bodies are beautiful—and things like stretch marks and scars give bodies character. Beautiful post, my friend!

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