The NEW M.I.L.F. Project

20 Jun

Most all of us know what the word MILF currently stands for, right?  Well if you don’t  It’s ‘Mom I’d Like to Fork.’  Fork is my clever hybrid of the words pork and fuck which both mean the same derogatory thing but it keeps me from having to say fuck.  BUT in this case, I guess my clever word didn’t really work since I’ve gone and said the ‘F’ word 3 times.  Good news is, I will never say the original meaning again because I’m on a mission, with my fellow Fitness Moms (Fitzzmom, another oh-so clever hybrid;) to change the meaning to Mother’s Implementing Lifelong Fitness. 

I’m not going to lie, I want to be an original MILF because I want my husband to want to open up the sliver ware drawer and give me a fork, however I have no interest in other men looking at me thinking ‘that’ so we need to change the meaning to something more beneficial to our society!  I commit.  I am now officially a – new definition – MILF and I invite all you mommies to join me! I guess Dads join too but DILF sounds awful so we should just keep it exclusively to the more influential sex… Women!  We, after all, are the most important people in building our world’s future…our children!

I’ve created this project to encourage all moms who are fitness fanatics or moms who are ready to start their healthy life journey, to join me in instilling a healthy and active life in our children.  If our children feel great and know what healthy is and how it feels then our world will be a better place for them as they become the next generation of leaders, business persons, teachers, politicians and adventure seekers.

We will lead by example and our children will follow.  Our children will live long, healthy and happy lives.  We commit to this.  Are you with me?

I’ve started the page on Facebook and it is primarily to begin a community for the New MILFs.  This page is a place for you to share your  ides, successes, complications, questions and solutions.  The ONLY requirement is that once you press ‘like’ you are now committed to living healthy, teaching healthy lifestyles to your children and encouraging others to live the healthy life and pass it on.

We are a strong species but we’ve lost our strength through laziness and the need for ease.  Because we are strong women, we can now re-take control of our health and our future’s health.

Making this change is not easy but once you decide to make the change, you will find a new door opens with other New MILFs in it.  MILFs that want to help you succeed.  Collectively we are stronger because we can lean on each other in times of success and failure. We can learn from and teach each other.

I’m very passionate about this because it’s not a movement to save ‘the something that you’ve never seen or experienced’, it’s a movement that you can begin right now.  You don’t donate money only to never see where it goes.  This is a tangible change that you make once you commit.  You are making our Children’s futures better through eating healthier, exercising more, introducing your children to more activities, and creating a more positive environment.

All I can ask is that you commit.  If you are just now beginning your healthy journey, your gratification will come instantly because once you properly nourish your body, your mind changes.  Once your being to exercise more, your body is better to you. Your body is meant to be used so it returns the favor by giving you more energy, better attitude and patience.  If you have never lived the healthy life, I can not describe in words how you will feel.  Only you can find that uplifting moment when the flowers are brighter, your kids are more pleasant and your cup is constantly full.  Remember that saying, ‘When Mamma ain’t happy, nobody’s happy?’  You and your families happiness depends on YOUR health.

Sorry if you were looking for my usual light hearted, R-rated blogs.  I’m now off my soap box.  Come join us…..

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