Discipline- Hold Me To It!

29 Aug

Holding people accountable every day for their fitness, nutrition and professional goals is part of the awesomeness of my job.  But  now, I need to ask YOU to hold me accountable!

I need more discipline in my professional life.  I’m all over the place with hardly any structure and I’ve finally realized that if I’m to grow my business and continue to help others at maximum capacity, I need to bunker down, set some ground rules for myself and focus.

Here is how I’m going to start…baby steps.

1.  I will work an 9-5 with a 30 minute lunch break.  Now lollygagging, hanging out in the pool or useless shopping.

2.  I will go to bed at 10pm every week night.

3.  I will start my personal development EVERY DAY

4.  I will not drink as much.  hummmm, maybe I should stop at number 3.  Baby steps right?

Will you make sure I keep my ducks in a row?  My chickens in the coop?  My geese in a flock?  I know that when my professional life becomes more disciplined, I will not think as much about work when my children get home from school and I can be there for them physically and mentally.  I’ll be more willing to explain to them why you can’t wear your brother’s pee undies even though they have superheros on them instead of just calling him a gross little boy.

Let the experiment begin!!  (good thing this is a long Labor Day weekend! HA!)

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One Response to “Discipline- Hold Me To It!”

  1. shawnclarkm September 4, 2012 at 12:43 AM #

    I also, am in a place of implenting disciprine for long term wellness. Hmmm, I’ve been riding every day since I got my bike, bc it’s still exciting and new. My sleep hygiene is horrible and my diet needs more than caffeine and pastries. I’m taking a cooking class, starting Sept 18 and I’m working on being in bed before midnight, separating all laptops and books from my bed, ya know, the kind of sleep environment I had as a child. I will keep you posted w/ my progress and where my running and cycling is at. Oh! Also, where my veggie, fruit intake is at, as well.

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