Where Do I Fit In? A Political Moderates Point of View

30 Oct

I’m actually still undecided.  I dislike both candidates equally but that doesn’t really matter.  They are simply pawns in their parties political games and potential gains.  So, the real question is, which PARTY do I vote for.  Does this description of my view hit home with any of you?  I’m republican…wait, I’m democrat, wait, I’m republican….I’m really on the fence.  What it comes down to is what is going to be best for my family for the next 4 years.

My Rant…..

I’m not Christian but I believe you should (Christian or Not) be able to pray when ever you want so long as you are not forcing your religion onto others.  I respect all religions.  My best friend is a hard core Christian conservative and we get along grand because we respect each others feelings and beliefs.

I don’t agree with abortion however, I don’t agree with telling a women what she can and can not do with her body.

I am all for gay marriage.  I want gays to be able to adopt children that have NO loving and caring homes.  Why should somebody’s sexual preference decide and perhaps deprive a young innocent child the opportunity for a happy and loving life?  There are plenty of heterosexual homes that are so twisted and causing permanent mental and physical damage to young children.  What makes anybody think this is better than a child being raised by a gay couple?  Because YOU think it’s not right because of what your religion tells you?  Don’t judge and don’t deprive any child their right to pursuit happiness and to live a life that is constructive to the strength of our community, our nation or world!

Now here comes the republican in me….

I believe in making people work for their money and stricter updates from these families on how they are actually spending my money…excuse me, OUR money.

We must create new jobs.  period.  If we raise taxes on small business owners or Obamacare pulls into full effect, we will see more job losses.  I don’t think people understand what Obamacare will do for businesses.  You know businesses, the entities that create jobs?  The exact jobs that give medical benefits.  Now, medical benefits is spiraling into shit for all that we need to get under control…how do we do that?  What I do know is that we won’t even have the resources to address the issue unless we stop throwing money away.

To achieve all of the public policy issues I feel so strongly about we need a balanced budget.  Continuing to give away money with out proper public record of it’s detailed use is not how that is going to happen.  I understand the concept of spending money to make money.  I don’t understand the concept of throwing away money to make money.

In order to prepare for a better future, we must live in the now.  If we do not do this, my children will not have a sound place to live.  That is unacceptable.  Well, maybe I just answered my own question.

I’m an not political and I know I am ignorant about a lot of this but as a Mommy, I need to see security in my Children’s’ future.  That is my most important job here on earth.  I don’t necessarily see one election securing their future but it is very important.

Obama scares the shit out of me because I question his competency, character and motives.  Romney scares the shit out of me because I question his character and the fact that he is so damn Christian.  I worry that an era of intolerance of religion and sexual orientation may begin and hate will increase as respect is lost for other beliefs.

I know this has nothing to do with fitness but as a Mommy and business owner of a fitness business this is all very very relevant to me and my family.  Please, give me your feedback.  Rather you are Republican or Democrat I want to hear your thoughts.  Maybe you can teach me a thing or two.  However, if you are disrespectful of other peoples’ beliefs, I will hunt you down and teach you a thing or two.

6 Responses to “Where Do I Fit In? A Political Moderates Point of View”

  1. Amanda October 30, 2012 at 7:12 PM #

    I don’t care for either candidate either, but we have seen what Obama’s incompetence can accomplish & I feel like a vote for him is a vote for more of the same, or worse, even more entitlements and more spending of money we don’t have.

  2. Tom Deaton October 30, 2012 at 7:13 PM #

    10/30/12 Erika, Love your post! For what it’s worth…I’m a social liberal and a fiscal conservative. I’m a Libertarian. I agree that gays should be able to have equal rights. What someone does is none of my business unless it negatively affects me. Case in point…smoking. If someone wants to smoke and damage their health and probably die sooner than they would have that’s their choice. However, it’s my choice as to whether or not I want to be around them while they’re smoking. Once I’m forced to breathe someone’s foul second hand smoke then my rights of freedom of choice are violated. I believe that our Founding Fathers were mostly libertarian, especially Thomas Jefferson. They advocated individual rights AND responsibility. They go together and should not be seperated. Unfortunately our culture has become one of entitlements where some get most of the rights while others must assume most of the responsibilities. This is highly unfair and penalizes those who choose to work and rewards those who decide not to work. People who are physically unable to work should be able to get help, but those who CHOOSE not to work should not get public assistance. Once there are more takers than makers our culture will not be able to sustain itself. It’s only a matter of time before the system self destructs. I do not want this for my four daughters and seven grand children. They’ve had nothing to do with creating the mess that we’re in and should not have to pay for it. Any prudent person or family who spends more that they earn soon will find themselves in deep financial trouble. Most prudent people understand this. WHY SHOULD OUR GOVERNMENT BE ABLE TO GET AWAY WITH THIS BEHAVIOR? It cannot be sustained and will eventually crash and burn. Here in sunny California the Democrat politicians control the state with an iron grip. They continue to push more and more spending and more entitlements. They’ve even voted to pay billions of dollars for a high speed rail “bullet” train that will go from around Merced to Bakersfield. There’s hardly ANY population in this area. It is almost 100% farmland and populated by mostly migrant farm workers. The area that could use a high speed train is between LA and San Diego where the majority of the state’s population lives. But, it is considered “easier” to construct the tracks and trains between point A and point B from nowhere to nowhere. There is so much waste of tax dollars in CA that if we didn’t have family here and several rentals in the Sacramento and San Jose areas that we would probably leave. If things do not improve here we may have no choice about moving. We’ll see. I agree that too much religious intollerance is troubling. I’m not an “organized” religion advocate. Everyone should be able to worship the way that they choose without interference from others. The more I see of Romney the less I fear that he would try to push his religious views onto others. However, there’s no guarantee. I guess that the election will boil down to the worst case scenario…which party will create the least damage. If Obama is re-elected we’ll probably see more of what has happened the past four years or worse. Can we afford more debt and higher taxes on the producers? I closed my real estate business at the end of 2010 because it was no longer worth it to work 50-60 hours a week and pay 50% plus in taxes and have to put up with the ever increasing regulations most of which were used by the government to get more control and yes…more tax revenue. There are many small businesses similar to mine that will close from the burden of higher taxes and more regulation unless this behavior is reversed. I highly doubt that another four years of Obama will make our economy better…probably MUCH worse. Historically the business of America has been business. It was founded by mostly small businessmen and women who advocated individual freedoms and limited government. They rebelled against King George and Parliament with the Boston Tea Party which was a reaction against the British imposing a 2% tax on tea. Wouldn’t we like to only have a 2% tax today? Our government has morphed into exactly what our Founders wanted to escape…the British big government control that is even worse. This will only get worse if Obama is re-elected IMO. So…I’m voting for Romney with the hope that he will create policies that will get America working and producing again. I can’t imagine he could be worse than Obama! One more thing. I’m a Navy vet and I’m shocked at what is happening in the Middle East. It is a complete disaster and is either a total failure by the Obama policies or a coverup…probably both. It’s very scary to think that such an inept president is in charge of what could become WW III. The shit will hit the fan over there eventually and when it does I certainly to not want Obama-Biden in charge. Thanks for your rant! Feel free to share my comments here with your conservative friends and anyone else who cares about the future of this country. Tom


  3. Niki October 30, 2012 at 7:27 PM #

    Hey hot mamma! Thanks for posting this.

    I am basically on board with your political views but I am definitely not on the fence. For me right now #1 is Economy and Romney’s business success (history) vs. Obama’s (history, or some would argue, lack thereof) makes (for me) the choice clear.

    Also, the fact that Mitt Romney was able to work in Mass with democrats, and not only get things done, but score highest in the country on things such as education and healthcare, tells me that he is willing to “compromise” with democrats and still find a way to get positive results. In my eyes, “compromise” is the number one thing we need in Washington. (Even though I would rather get them all out of there and start over!) They cannot seem to work together, which is also another reason why this country is in such a mess. If Mitt can do it in Mass, then he can do it in Washington. (I hope)

    Also, Obama’s track record (stats) are just plain bad… food stamps, unemployment, Obamacare…yikes! I didn’t vote for him, but I was really excited (for him and this country) once he was sworn in, and I was really rooting for him. Unfortunately he just can’t seem to get the job done, or work with others at least to get the job done. I just think his lack of experience is showing. Maybe in another 10 or so years he would be able to pull it off, but he just isn’t now, unfortunately.

    I consider myself a Republican but don’t agree with them on the two items that you mention above either. Gay rights and abortion. I will however most always vote Republican because they let me keep more of my hard earned money.

    So basically it boils down to fiscal reasons for me. Also, I personally think most (not all) of politicians are jaded and forget that they are supposed to be “public servants” not “career” politicians. But this is America….land of opportunity….so what are you gonna do!


  4. Jeremy October 30, 2012 at 8:04 PM #

    good post. I’m not in exactly the same boat, but do dislike both options. I’m more of a Libertarian than anything, but that would only matter if I felt real compelled to vote. For the record though, Romney is not a Christian. That isn’t necessarily a judgement of Mormonism, but many LDS members would agree that they are not Christian, but Mormon. The secretiveness of many practices within that group gives me pause, but every politician (with few exceptions) is pretty shifty, so it’s all the same.
    An interesting note about the healthcare and small business question (and I agree in general that Obamacare would be bad for small businesses) but it does do one good thing, which is to kill the link between employer and healthcare benefits. Why should my healthcare insurance be connected to my place of work. From an entrepreneurial standpoint, this means that there are likely many people out there with great ideas that are afraid to leave their job and start a company on their own because of the security of healthcare benefits that are welded to their jobs.

  5. Gringo October 30, 2012 at 8:08 PM #

    Most people are in the mindset that we only have two options when choosing our next president. There are actually several other candidates and parties to choose from (http://www.politics1.com/p2012.htm). Nobody is going to be perfect, obviously, but at least you don’t just have two options.

    I’m more fiscally conservative and socially liberal. Unfortunately, the Republican Party is currently WAY TOO conservative on all fronts for me to ever consider myself a Republican. Politically speaking, religious beliefs should NEVER dictate laws.


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