I’m REALLY Ready!

15 Nov


It just hit me like a ton of weight plates!!  I’m am really ready to grow my business not just ‘say’ that I want to grow it. This is exciting. I’m making changes to get me where I vision myself being in 5 years.

My Vision: “I see myself changing people’s perception of a healthy life and leading them to a happier life through my writing and public speaking”

Want to take my journey with me?   GROW with me!!

2 Responses to “I’m REALLY Ready!”

  1. Tom Deaton November 15, 2012 at 7:55 PM #

    11/15/12   Erika,   Here’s a brief update on what I’m doing:   1.  Working on my Facebook account and building some business leads. 2.  Reading and studying a lot of fitness info. 3.  Maintaining and INCREASING my workouts!  Really working on pullups and chinups.  Also, there is a large hill with a hiking trail behind our house which I hike as much as possible…hopefully later today before it rains. 4.  Becoming a product of the product(s) so I can be a good example of recommending what works. 5.  Setting up a customer prospect list.   Question.  When I sign up a new Beachbody customer who purchases some products through me do I maintain control with these people because I want to groom many to become a coach?  Once they buy through me it would be nice to know that I’ll be their coach upline once they become a coach.  Thanks!   Tom


    • Erika Ervin - Your Fitness Girl November 29, 2012 at 6:55 PM #

      absolutely, Tom! Once they order from you, they will be your coach to guide them through the programs and “groom” to become excellent coaches themselves! Great question.

      And, what you said about being a product of the product is so true! it builds credibility and of course, muscle!

      Sorry I’m just not responding to this. Still getting familiar with wordpress. 🙂

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