What is the MOST vital nutrient

12 Jan

This quick blogs serves answer the question that I posted on my FB page on January 11, 2013.  www.facebook.com/yourfitnessgirl 

The question was: What is the most vital nutrient for out bodies?  Some answered with organic compounds (water) and others answered with chemical compounds (Vitamin C).  The most widely recognizable nutrient is a chemical compound.  However, there is a subculture out there that considers organic compounds a considerable nutrient. 


For my friends that answered water…. close!  But break it down one step further.  Take away the Hydrogen and you have Oxygen.  There you have it.  Oxygen 02 is the most vital nutrient for our bodies. 

Think of it this way, you can go a week or two with out water but we are goners in minutes without oxygen.  Oxygen makes up the inorganic compound water and H2O allow us to create many other essential nutrients. 


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