Ultimate Reset, Day 3 & 4

14 Jan

Day 3 was so much easier!  Not that the first two days were that difficult but my hunger pains subsided and allowed me to concentrate on something else like, my life.  I took a Yoga class on Day three but I made sure to add to add the proper amount of protein/fat/carbohydrate consumption to insure that my body doesn’t slip into a catabolic state since my calories are a bit more restricted then normal.  I think I did just find, still metabolizing like a RockStar!  All in all, day three was a success.

Day 4:

My husband was out with his friends and my energy is so high right now, I’m about to rocket through  the ceiling.  This feeling is grade school.  I felt like this in High School when we would all take 2 Nodoze pills before our Volleyball games.  Remember those?  The funny thing is, all the supplements through The Ultimate Reset have nothing in them to create this type of raging energy.  They are simple herbs and minerals from our earth and un adulterated by humans.  Guess this means the food is awesome!?

I spent all morning in the kitchen cooking to prepare for this week and create a stress free environment for my family prior to meal times. Although it was a lot of prep, da-damn, the food is fantastic!  I followed the recipes but they give you room to add our own herbs and spice options which i LOVE!  I added cayenne pepper to almost everything because I love the little kick at the end of a swallow.  (Get your mind out of the gutter, please)

One thing I have done is created double of each of the dishes I created since there are some dishes I don’t eat such as tempeh and anything miso.  I just make sure they are all balanced throughout the day.

Wanna know what I’m up to?  Check out this website…


Please give me a shout if you would like more information or have questions on my progress.  Have a wonderful New Year!!

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