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This 93-year-old has a message for us: “A beach body at 90 is no longer a dream”

4 Apr

I created a strength building class format for 55 – 99 yr old Fitzees 3 years ago. Today, my classes are packed! I believe in the human mind and body! We are more capable than we think and my students at ANY age, LOVE to be pushed a little! This blog is so encouraging! EjnoyErnestine-Shepherd+74+year+old+body+builder

Ms. Ernestine…. 74 years Old!

TED Blog


Charles Eugster may be 93, but he has no less spring in his step than he did as a young man. In this talk from TEDxZurich, he brings us a powerful statistic: 92% of Americans over the age of 65 have one or more chronic diseases. While many clearly cannot be avoided, Eugster points out that inactivity is to blame for many of the diseases those who have lived long lives endure.

During the golden years, people retire and tend to slow down  — and yet there is a connection between work and one’s physical and mental health. But life doesn’t need to finish after retirement, which Eugster calls “voluntary or involuntary unemployment for up to 30 years.” That’s why Eugster has taken up rowing. And weightlifting. Watch this TEDxTalk about the factors for successful aging from a formidable speaker, who urges us to “break off the shackles of convention!”

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I’m REALLY Ready!

15 Nov


It just hit me like a ton of weight plates!!  I’m am really ready to grow my business not just ‘say’ that I want to grow it. This is exciting. I’m making changes to get me where I vision myself being in 5 years.

My Vision: “I see myself changing people’s perception of a healthy life and leading them to a happier life through my writing and public speaking”

Want to take my journey with me?   GROW with me!!

Discipline – The Golden Rule for Change. Step 1

4 Sep

Discipline – The Golden Rule for Change. Step 1.

Sometimes kicking your own but is done in your mind. Check out the Golden Rule for making a change in your life… My newest blog. Thank you for reading! Be sure to follow for updates to all my future published blogs.

Discipline – The Golden Rule for Change. Step 1

4 Sep

I’ll have two please!

Since my decision to direct more discipline into my work life, I’ve succeeded!  For one week.  Okay, so Labor day doesn’t count because it’s a day where everyone is supposed to not labor that is exactly what I did.  However being lazy is very exhausting!  I was more tired after my day of swimming and watching TV than a work day!

Now, after my week of success in changes 1-3 (see first discipline post), I have made the decision to add #4 into the mix.  I am not going to drink for a while.  It will be interesting to see how much weight I will lose….if any.  I fear of being that girl that makes you feel uncomfortable in a social situation because I’m not drinking but gotta do what I gotta do.

The most important part about discipline is making the decision.  If you make the decision for the right reasons, you will find ways to succeed!  You will not allow excuses to get in your way.  Voice your decision to your friends and family so they understand why you are doing this.  Your counter part of a truly meaningful relationship will also hold you accountable and won’t tempt you with excuses that tear you away from your decision.

I’m in no way an expert in implementing discipline into your life but I do have discipline in many aspects of my life and I guide clients, readers and friends in reaching goals every day so I can tell you this with absolute truth…

The First and most important step to a change in your life is to make the decision to create a change.  Be titanium.  Nothing can stop you but YOU.  You may get knocked down a few times but the reason for  your change still resides in your heart and that will pick you back up and allow you the results you are after.  What change are you ready to make?  I mean, REALLY ready to make.
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Hidden Reason Exercise Reduces Stress

5 Aug

if you’ve read the post, then no caption needed!

Most people that exercise know about the benefit exercise has on stress.  Ask anybody who knows this and the first thing they will tell you is that it’s because exercise gives you energy and increases serotonin in your brain.  Yes this is true but there is another reason exercise is such a stress relief, it’s rhythmic.

You do the same motion or movements.  Rather you do reps when lifting, run, bike or even take group classes.  The repetitive motion is soothing and it serves as a positive distraction from your worries.

We are born with this necessity for rhythm.  Maybe it’s something in our make or maybe it’s because the floating calm nature of a womb is how each human was created.  Think about this as we journey to death.  As a baby rocking put us to sleep, as a toddler a back pat or stroking a blanket allowed us to relax.  Also as a toddler, we thrived best on a schedule which is repetitive day to day actions.  This carried into our teen years. During our teen years is when the rythmic sounds of music began to persuade our personalities

We, and when I say ‘we’ I mean most of us, like to swing, swim, keep a beat with our foot and have sex.  I’m not saying the over and over motion of sex is the only thing that calms us but it is one factor.  Especially if sex is exercise! whoot whoot!

However with all things in life there must be a balance.  When speaking about exercise the same repetitive motion, needs to interrupted with glitches in the program.  Say you are a runner, you can’t always run.  The same muscles will be used over and over making the primary muscles used much stronger than the secondary in use.  The stronger will pull on your ligaments and skeletal structure which in turn pull on the secondary muscles and BOOM injury.

I use running as an example because it’s the most repetitive and common exercise motion but this muscular imbalance in not limited to running.  Moral of the story is from birth we yearn for repetitive motion b/c it helps us calm down.  We have to calm down to keep an emotional, mental and physical balance in our lives.  Try something new and maybe add another sexasode in your week!

The Boobs That Almost Were

11 Jun

In the health industry, particularly the fitness industry, muscles are everywhere, fat is nowhere and tits are in my face!  Not my tits though.  These little chocolate chips are under wraps, undercover and barely existent.   However, if I had them, I’d use them to my full advantage in my industry because we all know SEX sells!  Just think about how many people are going to read this blog because I tag the words ‘Boobs and Sex’.

It’s crossed my mind over the past 10 years to balloon up my knockers, but not until recently had I really given it deep thought.  I have the abs, the attitude, the knowledge and the drive, but I don’t have the large, womanly breasts that would accentuate my curves.If I had larger breasts, would people take me more seriously? Would people be more attracted to my business?  Would I get more exposure? Would I be more successful?  I convinced myself that the answer was …. YES.  Everywhere you turn, there is a fit girl with tits puffing out the top of her sports bra.  Sometimes, it’s obviously fake but HOT none the less!

I want curves! I want fun bags!  I want to be able to shave my bush and not look like a pre-pubescent 11 year old school girl!

I talked to friends that had the operation., I even talked to my friends who were surgeons, and I consulted in my best friend, life partner and my biggest supporter:….my husband, Kyle.  Out of all my social research, my biggest non-supporter of enhancement was my biggest business supporter, Kyle.  This did come as a surprise to me since he would really be the one getting the most enjoyment out of the surgery!

Now, Kyle wasn’t just against it, he was pissed off.  He could not believe that somebody as confident as me felt the need to change something about myself simply for visual satisfaction.  I argued with him that it’s a business-growth move.  He said that you can tell a lot about a woman that has fake boobs.  “It’s a certain type of woman and I can’t take them seriously.”  I disagree, so despite his feelings, I kept my persistence which angered him even more.

Kyle’s second argument was that “big boobs are gross.”   I tried to explain that I don’t want porno boobs, I just want curves.  I tried hard to call him on this one, but he actually really does like small boobs.  I couldn’t argue my way out of that.  but it doesn’t change MY opinion of them.  I think they are hot!  I’m not gonna lie, I like to look at them myself.  I’d probably play with them more than he would.

His last argument was that my business is not run on the principal of quick fixes; rather it is run on the principle of real solutions: real nutrition, real exercise, and a healthy life. It’s a fact, if you have a low percentage of body fat, you don’t have large breasts and if I had large breasts it would be obvious that I’m not “real”    I countered this argument with the fact that what I am truly giving my clients and fans is confidence, and if big boobs give me confidence, I’m simply giving myself what I give to others.  That counter just took us back to argument numero uno.

So, I took all my information and did what any woman would do.:  I made an appointment with a cosmetic surgeon.  My thought was, “since I have to have some more basil cell carcinoma removed from my eye again, I’ll just get the implants while I’m already under.”  I took Kyle to the appointment, and when we were done, I  almost had him convinced that we should do it!

After the appointment, I went home and was excited about my almost new boobs!   I thought, “I’m going to look like a woman for the first time in my life!” I started cooking and thinking about business, my children, my family and my friends and how much I love my life.  I was pouncing around on Facebook and Twitter, and then BOOM! it hit me so hard that I stopped mid post, stared off into space for a second and literally said out loud, “In no way will boobs enhance my life.” In that  moment, something happened to me.  This was a moment of awakening for me, a moment of truth and peace.  I don’t want boobs.  I don’t care to look like societies idea of a woman because in my heart I know a woman shows her confidence through stride not by cup size.  My aha moment of decision had given me the confidence I was lacking, I was liberated. Free of the burden of needing to conform.

Then I knew exactly why Kyle was so mad.  He married me because I satisfied one his biggest turn ons….: I had confidence.  I also remembered what my Mom had told me, “Erika, I’ve never had boobs and I’ve never had a problem turning a man’s head when I walk into a room.”

Confident, Strong, tiny and oh so sexy! This sells!

If I’m going to be successful in business, I challenge myself to take the journey A cup and all.  I want people to look at me for wisdom, for my nutrition and fitness expertise, NOT for my big knockers that hit my chin when I Turbo.  If I can’t find success or my confidence without them then I am simply not giving my supporters the information they want.

I must say, I feel I’ve not given my clients and fans the credit they deserve.  They tend to be a more sophisticated group with an intelligent view of them selves in this world.  I would love to continue to recruit this same type of clientele and as of now, they aren’t following me because of my ta-tas!

The Itty Bitty Titty Committee wins again!!

So after this decision I went out and bought a black Michael Stars  halter top jump suit which any big chested women would have to wear a bra but…I DON’T!  And in this Texas heat, bras suck.

Disclaimer: This blog was written by a women.  All women reserve the right to change her mind on a daily basis.  Tomorrow’s possible blog…. ‘I got D’s!!’

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