Ultimate Reset Day 5 – 7

16 Jan

Coming into day 5 I hit an unexpected trouble point.  I have so much energy, I feel like I must workout to expend it!  I good problem to have, I guess. Image

I knew going into the Ultimate Reset that I would not be able to workout moderately or hard.  Truthfully, I didn’t think it would be much of a problem.  I viewed it as that is the way it is and I’ll do what it takes to feel great.  So now, at day 5, I’ve had 3 workouts.  Albeit they were ‘light’ for me, no cardio and light weights but still burning calories I need to reclaim my body back to perfect nutrition.  With working out, I’m losing control and losing sight of the most important reason I’m doing this… to remedy my adrenal fatigue raise my thyroid and progesterone levels and get off all these damn pharmaceuticals.

I’ve decided after week one, I will no longer be doing my ‘easy’ workouts.  I will be taking 30 minute walks and Vinyasa Flow Yoga.

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Ultimate Reset, Day 3 & 4

14 Jan

Day 3 was so much easier!  Not that the first two days were that difficult but my hunger pains subsided and allowed me to concentrate on something else like, my life.  I took a Yoga class on Day three but I made sure to add to add the proper amount of protein/fat/carbohydrate consumption to insure that my body doesn’t slip into a catabolic state since my calories are a bit more restricted then normal.  I think I did just find, still metabolizing like a RockStar!  All in all, day three was a success.

Day 4:

My husband was out with his friends and my energy is so high right now, I’m about to rocket through  the ceiling.  This feeling is grade school.  I felt like this in High School when we would all take 2 Nodoze pills before our Volleyball games.  Remember those?  The funny thing is, all the supplements through The Ultimate Reset have nothing in them to create this type of raging energy.  They are simple herbs and minerals from our earth and un adulterated by humans.  Guess this means the food is awesome!?

I spent all morning in the kitchen cooking to prepare for this week and create a stress free environment for my family prior to meal times. Although it was a lot of prep, da-damn, the food is fantastic!  I followed the recipes but they give you room to add our own herbs and spice options which i LOVE!  I added cayenne pepper to almost everything because I love the little kick at the end of a swallow.  (Get your mind out of the gutter, please)

One thing I have done is created double of each of the dishes I created since there are some dishes I don’t eat such as tempeh and anything miso.  I just make sure they are all balanced throughout the day.

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What is the MOST vital nutrient

12 Jan

This quick blogs serves answer the question that I posted on my FB page on January 11, 2013.  www.facebook.com/yourfitnessgirl 

The question was: What is the most vital nutrient for out bodies?  Some answered with organic compounds (water) and others answered with chemical compounds (Vitamin C).  The most widely recognizable nutrient is a chemical compound.  However, there is a subculture out there that considers organic compounds a considerable nutrient. 


For my friends that answered water…. close!  But break it down one step further.  Take away the Hydrogen and you have Oxygen.  There you have it.  Oxygen 02 is the most vital nutrient for our bodies. 

Think of it this way, you can go a week or two with out water but we are goners in minutes without oxygen.  Oxygen makes up the inorganic compound water and H2O allow us to create many other essential nutrients. 


Reseting to Boost Adrenal Function

10 Jan

I’ve decided to Start the Beachbody Ultimate Reset Program.  After seeing so many of my colleagues, friends and clients have tremendous success, I’ve decided, It’s MY time!  However, I also have another trigger point and that is my Adrenal Fatigue.

I’m not sure when my Adrenal Fatigue began but I believe it could have started as long as 6 years ago when my Father was in a terrible accident, the emotional stress was draining.  Then two years later, I had my first child.  I’ve researched that Adrenal Fatigue happens to most women naturally by the age of 35 with all the stress they experience in every day life.

Adrenal Fatigue is when your adrenal glands (directly on top of your kidneys) are not producing enough cortisol.  This effects many organs in our body.  I believe I was misdiagnosed with hypothyroidism and put on a T4 for over 2.5 years.  This has messed with my production of progesterone which is now non existent!

I was also a very bad girl over the last few months and drank like a damn fish and ate like a fat kid eats candy but that is all over and I’m starting the reset!

My overall goals are to:

  • get my adrenals back to full functioning
  • Once recovered from my Adrenal Fatigue get off all medication, thyroid, progesterone, and cortisol herbal supplements
  • Have more energy
  • Lose 10 lbs – Since I’ve been on the cortisol, I’ve gained ten lbs!

I’ve very confident this will work so come along with me through the good, the bad and the ‘what the fucks’ and see how my broken adrenal, 10 lbs heavy, ass ends up!

Ultimate Reset, Day 1

10 Jan

Holy shit, I was a food raping maniac.  I ate on program but had to pump it up with an extra serving of snack almonds and at dinner, I put fresh salsa on roasted potatoes because I was craving something spicy.  Oh, and I ate an extra cup of salad with red onions.  I also had a lot of Green tea and sparkling water to help with the hunger.

The food was fantastic and I was spot on with the the Mineralize, Oxygenize and even the Alkanize.  The Alkanize has a reputation being of that obnoxious boy you knew in middle school with bad hygiene, so I didn’t even smell it.  I just mixed the Alkanize with a 1/4 lemon and 1 ounce of cold water.  Shot that sucker down with out a breath and chased it with the other quarter of the lemon. 

Do I feel fantastic about Day one.  No.  But day two will promise to be better.  I will make it better. However, I slept like a freakin’ log.

I also had a lot of Green tea and sparkling water to help with the hunger. 

Ultimate 10 Minute Workout!

26 Nov

It’s easy to remember and you can do it anywhere! Even in public if you so choose.

10 sumo or traditional burpies every minute for 10 minutes. That’s it. Give it a go and tell me what you think!
Keep in mind, this workout is not for everybody and CAN be modified, just ‘like’ me on Facebook or comment below!
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This idea is a variation of a workout given to me by my Brother in Law, Brent.  TY Brent!

I’m REALLY Ready!

15 Nov


It just hit me like a ton of weight plates!!  I’m am really ready to grow my business not just ‘say’ that I want to grow it. This is exciting. I’m making changes to get me where I vision myself being in 5 years.

My Vision: “I see myself changing people’s perception of a healthy life and leading them to a happier life through my writing and public speaking”

Want to take my journey with me?   GROW with me!!