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Opinions of Your self WILL Come to Fruition

18 Sep
While in public a women stopped and asked me, “How do I make my tummy flatter. My doctor said after two c-sections that I’ll never have a flat tummy but I just want it firmer.” I was really annoyed!!! I get this A LOT. She caught me at in a saucy mood b/c I lifted up my shirt and said, “Your doc is full of bull shit… I’ve had two c-sections too”. My Doctor, the late Royal Benson NEVER put these defeating thoughts into my head! I gave her some tips and we parted ways while she still had defeat in her eyes. grrrrrrr, Just because a repressive doc. tells you one thing, does not make him/her correct!!
Dream BIG. Your opinions of yourself are self actualizing. You will be surprised what your body is capable of if you really work for it! Just another note of gratitude I have towards ol’ Roy Boy…  empowerment!