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Super Bowl XLVII Fun, Healthy and Gluten Free Party Food!

29 Jan

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Don't freak out at Super Bowl!

So, as Sunday, February 3rd approaches, you are dreading all the temptations that will be in front of you lurking at every table.  You are already hearing the voice in your head, “it’s okay to cheat one day… It’s the Super Bowl!”  You might even be fighting with yourself because you know that one day of temptation and failure could spiral out of control and leave you with a defeated attitude and of course, you don’t want this but you know that it may very well happen.  Am I right?  Take a deep breath, and don’t freak out, I have your solution!

Here is the plan.  I am going to create for you, a Super Bowl menu that your husband and guests won’t even know is healthy. On top of that, it will be portable so,  if you are not hosting you can simply take it with you as a special treat for the host of the party.  All I ask from you is that you ‘like’ my business Facebook page and I will PERSONALLY email you my Fun and Healthy Super menu.

First, my four tips for successfully making it through Super Bowl Sunday….

1.  write this on a piece of paper and put in your pocket….  ‘The average person will burn between 80 to 140 calories per mile walked’  on the back of the paper write, ‘There are 300-600 calories in 5 Buffalo Wings’  This is NOT worth it!

2.  Stay away from alcoholic beverages.  Does this sound like a big joke to you?  Then do this one tip and it will cut back on your calories and sugars…  *drink 16 ounces of water (regular,  flavored (no sugar) or sparkling water) between each glass of beer/wine/liquor.

3.  Don’t be afraid to say “no, thank you.”  You don’t need to give your host an excuse.  You simply say, “no, but thank you.” and then  change the subject. OR,  Flat out tell people, ” I’m committed to my resolution.”  when people hear that, they hone in on your emotion words, ‘commit and resolution’ and people respect that.  You might even strike up a New Year’s Resolution conversation and inspire them to keep on track!   Did you know it’s that easy to help people with out them even know you are helping them.  Our dedication and words have so much power.

4. Stuff your face with veggies and fruits.  All at one time… well one sitting, maybe even before the party starts.  The fiber will keep you feeling fuller for longer and more satisfied!

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Ultimate Reset Day 5 – 7

16 Jan

Coming into day 5 I hit an unexpected trouble point.  I have so much energy, I feel like I must workout to expend it!  I good problem to have, I guess. Image

I knew going into the Ultimate Reset that I would not be able to workout moderately or hard.  Truthfully, I didn’t think it would be much of a problem.  I viewed it as that is the way it is and I’ll do what it takes to feel great.  So now, at day 5, I’ve had 3 workouts.  Albeit they were ‘light’ for me, no cardio and light weights but still burning calories I need to reclaim my body back to perfect nutrition.  With working out, I’m losing control and losing sight of the most important reason I’m doing this… to remedy my adrenal fatigue raise my thyroid and progesterone levels and get off all these damn pharmaceuticals.

I’ve decided after week one, I will no longer be doing my ‘easy’ workouts.  I will be taking 30 minute walks and Vinyasa Flow Yoga.

wanna know what I’m doing….


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Exercising With Celiac Disease

10 Oct

Those that have Celiac Disease know that exercising is sometimes uncomfortable especially in times of Gluten ingestion.  But, did you know that you must exercise if you have Celiac Disease and there is a right and wrong way to do it.  You also need to be aware of certain modifications you should make.

I’m not gonna lie, as a Fitness professional with Celiac Disease there are times when I accidentally eat gluten and the last thing I want to do is get out of my bed much less exercise!  That is why I keep my muscles and bones strong through exercise and proper nutrition all the time especially when I’m not under attack by gluten.

Why  is Workout So Important With Celiac Disease?

  • You might get Fat when you go gluten free!!  Let’s assume that you are also eliminating gluten in your every day food and drink intake and you are feeling much better.  A big reason why you are feeling better is because your body is now absorbing nutrients and calories that it did not when you were eating Gluten.  So now CAUTION, your body will also start to put on weight because of this reason!  Calories are being utilized, hurray…..but the weight loss stops because now, your calories are being absorbed!
  • A lot of the processed Gluten free foods have other additives to take the place of gluten such as sugars and salts which adds calories on top of the better absorption of the calories that you are now consuming.  Sugars are stored as fat when not utilized by your body and salt creates water retention.  Oh snap!!
  • Exercise will help get you into that healthy mindset.  Exercise will put you in a better mood which will help you make better decisions in life and in food choices!  Maybe you will reach for the apple for snack instead of the GF pretzels.
  • Let’s not forget about the possible years of undiagnosed Celiac Disease and the years of malnutrition!  Since your body was not absorbing food properly, your new diet allows your body to repair and rebuild.  Exercise will help your skeletal and muscular system repair more quickly making you stronger and less likely to get other illnesses that come along with malnutrition.

Exercise Info and Tips For Celiacs

  • Let’s define exercise: Any bodily activity that enhances or maintains physical fitness.  Let’s say you are sedentary and you do not do a lick of exercise.  You may find that even working in the garden or walking down the street enhances your physical fitness.  Everybody’s exercise medium and intensity is different so I’m not saying you need to get up and go for a 30 minute run!  This leads into my next point…
  • Do what you like!  If you don’t like the activity you are doing, you will be less likely to do it well and do it the next day and the next etc….
  • A major problem!!!  Be AWARE, if you have had years of undiagnosed Celiac (or miss diagnosed more likely the situation!) then osteoporosis is a major concern.  This is a condition where your bones become brittle (less dense) and can easily break.  If you have Osteoporosis, start with activity that is non impact such as biking and swimming.  Slowly move into activities with more impact.  These higher impact activities will greatly aid in repairing and/or preventing Osteoporosis!

Here is your prescription:  Along with a clean diet of unprocessed foods, exercise 30 minutes a day 5-7 days a week.  Take everything above into consideration when creating your plan for a more active life.  As always, you are welcome to contact me via email or Facebook and I would love to help you!

We all have our ‘woe is me’ moments with Celiac Disease because it is so hard to avoid gluten these days but think of this disease as an opportunity.  An opportunity for you to be healthy.  Now, eating better is not something you should try, it’s something you HAVE to do or else you will get sick.  Exercising is a MUST for repairing your body and living a healthy life with this disease.
With Celiac Disease proper foods and exercise is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity.  You have to do it so seize the opportunity to be in the best shape of your life!

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What’s So Smart About Smart Water

13 Sep

So, what is so smart about Glaceau’s Smart Water product, besides that they have Jennifer Anistin’s hot bod endorsing it?  Despite what you may think, it’s not a fad and the name is very fitting.  It is distilled water to which they have added electrolytes for quicker hydration.  Pretty smart huh?

Distilled water is the result of a process in which water is boiled and the steam (evaporation) is condensed.  Remember your second grad science teacher’s lesson on what makes rain?  Many impurities are removed from your water by this process.  Distilled water is the closest thing you can get to pure water.

Then Glaceau adds electrolytes ( Calcium Chloride, Magnesium Chloride and Potassium Bicarbonite) to jazz thing up!  The final product is a pure water with extreme hydrating properties and NO sugars or sugar substitute!

Go on, get ya some.  You will look super cool and super smart.  Plus, your body will thank you for leaving out the other crap.

Don’t get me wrong, there are vitamin and minerals that you get from regular water so if you drink distilled water all the time, you will want to use a great product called, Mineralize.  This product is scientifically designed to regulate your mineral content in your body and support cellular function. This water is great for everybody but I highly recommend it for the following people…

  • Preggos
  • people exercising moderately for weight loss
  • people that don’t have access to a plethora of water during the day
  • diabetics
  • Anybody that works out hard core.  TIP: If you need that extra sugar/glucose other isotonic products offer, eat 1/2 of a ripe banana.

Hidden Reason Exercise Reduces Stress

5 Aug

if you’ve read the post, then no caption needed!

Most people that exercise know about the benefit exercise has on stress.  Ask anybody who knows this and the first thing they will tell you is that it’s because exercise gives you energy and increases serotonin in your brain.  Yes this is true but there is another reason exercise is such a stress relief, it’s rhythmic.

You do the same motion or movements.  Rather you do reps when lifting, run, bike or even take group classes.  The repetitive motion is soothing and it serves as a positive distraction from your worries.

We are born with this necessity for rhythm.  Maybe it’s something in our make or maybe it’s because the floating calm nature of a womb is how each human was created.  Think about this as we journey to death.  As a baby rocking put us to sleep, as a toddler a back pat or stroking a blanket allowed us to relax.  Also as a toddler, we thrived best on a schedule which is repetitive day to day actions.  This carried into our teen years. During our teen years is when the rythmic sounds of music began to persuade our personalities

We, and when I say ‘we’ I mean most of us, like to swing, swim, keep a beat with our foot and have sex.  I’m not saying the over and over motion of sex is the only thing that calms us but it is one factor.  Especially if sex is exercise! whoot whoot!

However with all things in life there must be a balance.  When speaking about exercise the same repetitive motion, needs to interrupted with glitches in the program.  Say you are a runner, you can’t always run.  The same muscles will be used over and over making the primary muscles used much stronger than the secondary in use.  The stronger will pull on your ligaments and skeletal structure which in turn pull on the secondary muscles and BOOM injury.

I use running as an example because it’s the most repetitive and common exercise motion but this muscular imbalance in not limited to running.  Moral of the story is from birth we yearn for repetitive motion b/c it helps us calm down.  We have to calm down to keep an emotional, mental and physical balance in our lives.  Try something new and maybe add another sexasode in your week!

Sexy Curves 101

28 Feb

Sexy Curves 101.

As I sit here and watch Sex and The City, a show that I’m not particularly fond of but it serves its purpose of much needed mind-less TV; I find I’m more interested in the marketing strategies behind the commercials in between each humorously slutty scene. The first thing I notice is all the beautiful, carefully placed and proportioned, women in these commercials selling health, white teeth, insurance and crap TV. To my surprise, the ones that catch my eye are not the crazy fit or skinny young ladies it’s actually the 40 pluses with the super sexy curves.

Sexy Shakira
This shocked me since I’m more inclined to need my body to be straight, muscular tone and tight. However, with the attractive curves, I notice their proportions were attractive too. So, what is my optimal, most attractive or most wanted body type… for me? When I’m trying to figure out ‘what body type if ME’ these observations didn’t matter a bit b/c who knows what is fake and real. Well, some of the ‘fake’ was quite obvious but still not aesthetically unpleasing my any means.
So, with all these beautiful women to look at do I want the full sexy Marylin Menroe body? Do I want the ballet body I once had but worked very hard on getting and achieving it in only the most unhealthy ways? Or, do I want the fit body that I’m more prone to having but struggle with it on a motivation level?
As I ponder what ‘body type’ I want, it hits me like a tone of plate weights, why do I care about fitting into the certain ideals of what I see on TV or what I once used to have? The answer leads to Sexy Curves 101 Lesson A (SC 101-A,) Set aside everything we see on TV and in Magazines b/c most of it is bull shit. Strip away the strip club boobies, teeth un touched by coffee and perky puffed up asses. Only then can we see a true women and how she truly views herself and takes care of herself.
I chose the body that just happens when I apply my strong principles of eating clean and working out hard. When I see a woman that is confident, healthy, happy and strong I feel more motivated than by any particular ‘body type’. That’s the curves I want to sport.
SC 101 – Lesson A: Dismiss marketing ploys portraying the aesthetically pleasing bodies, the body you deserve is the body you have. Fake is not Fantastic, it shows no true work ethic.
I truly love the way I look when I work hard for what I have. Cup size – A and 13 months of nursing, waist size – 6 pack and fantastic c-section scar, Hip Size – 2 toddler boys and an every- growing squat weight, and a back that illustrates how hard I work in the gym, at home with my family and with my inspiring clients.
Work hard for your body and appreciate every inch. Don’t work hard for it and continue to lust over the sales bodies you see on TV. Stay healthy and I promise you will love yourself, the way you feel and have a better appreciation for a natural and nurtured personal and professional life.


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