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Opinions of Your self WILL Come to Fruition

18 Sep
While in public a women stopped and asked me, “How do I make my tummy flatter. My doctor said after two c-sections that I’ll never have a flat tummy but I just want it firmer.” I was really annoyed!!! I get this A LOT. She caught me at in a saucy mood b/c I lifted up my shirt and said, “Your doc is full of bull shit… I’ve had two c-sections too”. My Doctor, the late Royal Benson NEVER put these defeating thoughts into my head! I gave her some tips and we parted ways while she still had defeat in her eyes. grrrrrrr, Just because a repressive doc. tells you one thing, does not make him/her correct!!
Dream BIG. Your opinions of yourself are self actualizing. You will be surprised what your body is capable of if you really work for it! Just another note of gratitude I have towards ol’ Roy Boy…  empowerment!

Ultimate Reset, Day 1

10 Jan

Holy shit, I was a food raping maniac.  I ate on program but had to pump it up with an extra serving of snack almonds and at dinner, I put fresh salsa on roasted potatoes because I was craving something spicy.  Oh, and I ate an extra cup of salad with red onions.  I also had a lot of Green tea and sparkling water to help with the hunger.

The food was fantastic and I was spot on with the the Mineralize, Oxygenize and even the Alkanize.  The Alkanize has a reputation being of that obnoxious boy you knew in middle school with bad hygiene, so I didn’t even smell it.  I just mixed the Alkanize with a 1/4 lemon and 1 ounce of cold water.  Shot that sucker down with out a breath and chased it with the other quarter of the lemon. 

Do I feel fantastic about Day one.  No.  But day two will promise to be better.  I will make it better. However, I slept like a freakin’ log.

I also had a lot of Green tea and sparkling water to help with the hunger. 

What’s So Smart About Smart Water

13 Sep

So, what is so smart about Glaceau’s Smart Water product, besides that they have Jennifer Anistin’s hot bod endorsing it?  Despite what you may think, it’s not a fad and the name is very fitting.  It is distilled water to which they have added electrolytes for quicker hydration.  Pretty smart huh?

Distilled water is the result of a process in which water is boiled and the steam (evaporation) is condensed.  Remember your second grad science teacher’s lesson on what makes rain?  Many impurities are removed from your water by this process.  Distilled water is the closest thing you can get to pure water.

Then Glaceau adds electrolytes ( Calcium Chloride, Magnesium Chloride and Potassium Bicarbonite) to jazz thing up!  The final product is a pure water with extreme hydrating properties and NO sugars or sugar substitute!

Go on, get ya some.  You will look super cool and super smart.  Plus, your body will thank you for leaving out the other crap.

Don’t get me wrong, there are vitamin and minerals that you get from regular water so if you drink distilled water all the time, you will want to use a great product called, Mineralize.  This product is scientifically designed to regulate your mineral content in your body and support cellular function. This water is great for everybody but I highly recommend it for the following people…

  • Preggos
  • people exercising moderately for weight loss
  • people that don’t have access to a plethora of water during the day
  • diabetics
  • Anybody that works out hard core.  TIP: If you need that extra sugar/glucose other isotonic products offer, eat 1/2 of a ripe banana.

Discipline – The Golden Rule for Change. Step 1

4 Sep

Discipline – The Golden Rule for Change. Step 1.

Sometimes kicking your own but is done in your mind. Check out the Golden Rule for making a change in your life… My newest blog. Thank you for reading! Be sure to follow for updates to all my future published blogs.

The Boobs That Almost Were

11 Jun

In the health industry, particularly the fitness industry, muscles are everywhere, fat is nowhere and tits are in my face!  Not my tits though.  These little chocolate chips are under wraps, undercover and barely existent.   However, if I had them, I’d use them to my full advantage in my industry because we all know SEX sells!  Just think about how many people are going to read this blog because I tag the words ‘Boobs and Sex’.

It’s crossed my mind over the past 10 years to balloon up my knockers, but not until recently had I really given it deep thought.  I have the abs, the attitude, the knowledge and the drive, but I don’t have the large, womanly breasts that would accentuate my curves.If I had larger breasts, would people take me more seriously? Would people be more attracted to my business?  Would I get more exposure? Would I be more successful?  I convinced myself that the answer was …. YES.  Everywhere you turn, there is a fit girl with tits puffing out the top of her sports bra.  Sometimes, it’s obviously fake but HOT none the less!

I want curves! I want fun bags!  I want to be able to shave my bush and not look like a pre-pubescent 11 year old school girl!

I talked to friends that had the operation., I even talked to my friends who were surgeons, and I consulted in my best friend, life partner and my biggest supporter:….my husband, Kyle.  Out of all my social research, my biggest non-supporter of enhancement was my biggest business supporter, Kyle.  This did come as a surprise to me since he would really be the one getting the most enjoyment out of the surgery!

Now, Kyle wasn’t just against it, he was pissed off.  He could not believe that somebody as confident as me felt the need to change something about myself simply for visual satisfaction.  I argued with him that it’s a business-growth move.  He said that you can tell a lot about a woman that has fake boobs.  “It’s a certain type of woman and I can’t take them seriously.”  I disagree, so despite his feelings, I kept my persistence which angered him even more.

Kyle’s second argument was that “big boobs are gross.”   I tried to explain that I don’t want porno boobs, I just want curves.  I tried hard to call him on this one, but he actually really does like small boobs.  I couldn’t argue my way out of that.  but it doesn’t change MY opinion of them.  I think they are hot!  I’m not gonna lie, I like to look at them myself.  I’d probably play with them more than he would.

His last argument was that my business is not run on the principal of quick fixes; rather it is run on the principle of real solutions: real nutrition, real exercise, and a healthy life. It’s a fact, if you have a low percentage of body fat, you don’t have large breasts and if I had large breasts it would be obvious that I’m not “real”    I countered this argument with the fact that what I am truly giving my clients and fans is confidence, and if big boobs give me confidence, I’m simply giving myself what I give to others.  That counter just took us back to argument numero uno.

So, I took all my information and did what any woman would do.:  I made an appointment with a cosmetic surgeon.  My thought was, “since I have to have some more basil cell carcinoma removed from my eye again, I’ll just get the implants while I’m already under.”  I took Kyle to the appointment, and when we were done, I  almost had him convinced that we should do it!

After the appointment, I went home and was excited about my almost new boobs!   I thought, “I’m going to look like a woman for the first time in my life!” I started cooking and thinking about business, my children, my family and my friends and how much I love my life.  I was pouncing around on Facebook and Twitter, and then BOOM! it hit me so hard that I stopped mid post, stared off into space for a second and literally said out loud, “In no way will boobs enhance my life.” In that  moment, something happened to me.  This was a moment of awakening for me, a moment of truth and peace.  I don’t want boobs.  I don’t care to look like societies idea of a woman because in my heart I know a woman shows her confidence through stride not by cup size.  My aha moment of decision had given me the confidence I was lacking, I was liberated. Free of the burden of needing to conform.

Then I knew exactly why Kyle was so mad.  He married me because I satisfied one his biggest turn ons….: I had confidence.  I also remembered what my Mom had told me, “Erika, I’ve never had boobs and I’ve never had a problem turning a man’s head when I walk into a room.”

Confident, Strong, tiny and oh so sexy! This sells!

If I’m going to be successful in business, I challenge myself to take the journey A cup and all.  I want people to look at me for wisdom, for my nutrition and fitness expertise, NOT for my big knockers that hit my chin when I Turbo.  If I can’t find success or my confidence without them then I am simply not giving my supporters the information they want.

I must say, I feel I’ve not given my clients and fans the credit they deserve.  They tend to be a more sophisticated group with an intelligent view of them selves in this world.  I would love to continue to recruit this same type of clientele and as of now, they aren’t following me because of my ta-tas!

The Itty Bitty Titty Committee wins again!!

So after this decision I went out and bought a black Michael Stars  halter top jump suit which any big chested women would have to wear a bra but…I DON’T!  And in this Texas heat, bras suck.

Disclaimer: This blog was written by a women.  All women reserve the right to change her mind on a daily basis.  Tomorrow’s possible blog…. ‘I got D’s!!’

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To Stink or Not To Stink

18 Apr

Dane, my 4 year old, was sitting on his Grandma’s lap and enthusiastically said, “Grandma, you smell so good!”  She replies, “Well thank you Dane.  Does your Mommy smell good?”  As Dane put his fingers on his nose he squints his eyes and calmly says, “no, my Mommy Stinks.”

I know he is only four but it’s still hard not to get offended when anybody says that you stink!  I asked him the next day, “Dane, where does Mommy stink? Do I stink right here.” as I point at my mouth.  He said gently, “no, right here and here and here and……”  WTF, I get the point, I stink everywhere!

My Mom tried to tell him that Mommy sweats a lot because of her job and exercise but it’s not like that would change his mind.  If I stink, I stink.  This got me to rethink my schooling, why do we stink when we work out and what can I do to reduce my stank!

Then my fat ego kicked in and I told myself WAIT  I’m a lady I don’t stink so something is wrong with that kids smeller!  It’s not ME that stinks, it’s my clothes that is holding in the oils from my sweat!

So, take a wiff of this:

Moisture wicking fabric s are hydrophobic because it moves moisture away from your skin.  The oils in our skin are also hydrophobic and they are much harder to remove from another hydrophobic surface than something that absorbs water like cotton or wool.

Here’s the stinker… your skin’s oils contain lipids, fatty acids, cholesterol and ammonia (BTW, a high-protein and low-carbohydrate diet is what usually leads to a strong ammonia smell in your sweat) a fantastic feast for stink-producing bacterial

Or, you can just go topless and not have to worry with fabrics!

In Conclusion, if you are more worried about smell than dryness, wear more natural fibers.  I personally love Lululemon, but that’s an unhealthy obsession; a topic for another blog and for which I should seek professional help.

So after all this, right before I published this blog I walked up to Dane again and asked him if I stink?  He said, “you smell gross.”

At this response I came to the conclusion  that it is, in fact, my clothes b/c I had not sweated yet!  I asked him, “What does gross smell like?”  He smirks and says, “Peaches”

So my original question is appropriate, To stink or not to stink, tis in the nose of the beholder!

Please comment below about your stink, your opinion, questions or even your own story!

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Motivation Meltdown

28 Nov

As a fitness and nutrition professional, I motivate people constantly.  But what happens when the very person who needs the motivation is the motivator?

This time of year is my favorite b/c it reminds me of the best times of my life, the season my two boys were born.  The waiting and anticipating, nesting and relaxing while decorating for the Holidays.  All I want to do now, even though my boys are 2 and 4, is sit in front of my cozy Christmas decorations, think of what to gift while I watch the Science or History channel.

This is when my clients really keep me going.  They are actually the once that motivate me and they don’t even know it.  Their need and want to be motivated and the intrinsic motivation I’ve worked all year on instilling in them allow me to stay focused on our goals.  So professionally is covered but what about me and my fitness gThe ass squeezeroals?

I just decided to start lifting heavy again and for the past two weeks I’ve been Ill with a sinus infection and then Thanksgiving came around and now Christmas.  Now don’t get me wrong, I gladly reserve the right to be a lazy-ass sometimes but I need to get back to my weights.  I’m using the Holidays as an excuse for my personal fitness goals but this is exactly what I council my clients on avoiding.  The obstacle of excuses.

On top of that, now that it’s been a week since lifting heavy, I feel my muscle decreasing which makes my motivation problem a big fat avalanche.

So what will I do? When I’m in a funk like this, I find myself to committing to others that I will keep on my goals but that never works.  I must commit to myself.  Make a checklist every day of the week of each workout routine and treat myself like a clients.  I am my own client!