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Super Bowl XLVII Fun, Healthy and Gluten Free Party Food!

29 Jan

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Don't freak out at Super Bowl!

So, as Sunday, February 3rd approaches, you are dreading all the temptations that will be in front of you lurking at every table.  You are already hearing the voice in your head, “it’s okay to cheat one day… It’s the Super Bowl!”  You might even be fighting with yourself because you know that one day of temptation and failure could spiral out of control and leave you with a defeated attitude and of course, you don’t want this but you know that it may very well happen.  Am I right?  Take a deep breath, and don’t freak out, I have your solution!

Here is the plan.  I am going to create for you, a Super Bowl menu that your husband and guests won’t even know is healthy. On top of that, it will be portable so,  if you are not hosting you can simply take it with you as a special treat for the host of the party.  All I ask from you is that you ‘like’ my business Facebook page and I will PERSONALLY email you my Fun and Healthy Super menu.

First, my four tips for successfully making it through Super Bowl Sunday….

1.  write this on a piece of paper and put in your pocket….  ‘The average person will burn between 80 to 140 calories per mile walked’  on the back of the paper write, ‘There are 300-600 calories in 5 Buffalo Wings’  This is NOT worth it!

2.  Stay away from alcoholic beverages.  Does this sound like a big joke to you?  Then do this one tip and it will cut back on your calories and sugars…  *drink 16 ounces of water (regular,  flavored (no sugar) or sparkling water) between each glass of beer/wine/liquor.

3.  Don’t be afraid to say “no, thank you.”  You don’t need to give your host an excuse.  You simply say, “no, but thank you.” and then  change the subject. OR,  Flat out tell people, ” I’m committed to my resolution.”  when people hear that, they hone in on your emotion words, ‘commit and resolution’ and people respect that.  You might even strike up a New Year’s Resolution conversation and inspire them to keep on track!   Did you know it’s that easy to help people with out them even know you are helping them.  Our dedication and words have so much power.

4. Stuff your face with veggies and fruits.  All at one time… well one sitting, maybe even before the party starts.  The fiber will keep you feeling fuller for longer and more satisfied!

What’s next???  Get Your Party Menu!

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Ultimate Reset, Day 1

10 Jan

Holy shit, I was a food raping maniac.  I ate on program but had to pump it up with an extra serving of snack almonds and at dinner, I put fresh salsa on roasted potatoes because I was craving something spicy.  Oh, and I ate an extra cup of salad with red onions.  I also had a lot of Green tea and sparkling water to help with the hunger.

The food was fantastic and I was spot on with the the Mineralize, Oxygenize and even the Alkanize.  The Alkanize has a reputation being of that obnoxious boy you knew in middle school with bad hygiene, so I didn’t even smell it.  I just mixed the Alkanize with a 1/4 lemon and 1 ounce of cold water.  Shot that sucker down with out a breath and chased it with the other quarter of the lemon. 

Do I feel fantastic about Day one.  No.  But day two will promise to be better.  I will make it better. However, I slept like a freakin’ log.

I also had a lot of Green tea and sparkling water to help with the hunger. 

5 Fit Chick Travel Rules

13 Oct

Tis the time of the year when a majority of travel takes place.  Here are my 5 Must-Do Travel Rules!  I don’t call these tips because when you do these, you will succeed in keeping your fitness and nutrition goals top of mind.  They are rules to travel by!

1.  Pack Healthy Foods and Water:

You need snacks that will sustain you and satisfy you because it’s so easy to just pop open a coke or a Kit Kat.  Be prepared with these types of snacks:

  • Nuts and Healthy Trail Mixes.  I suggest making your own trail mix with one dried fruit, two nuts (one roasted and salted, the other raw) and Rice Chex Mix.  Add a tbs of dark chocolate chips.
  • Banana and Peanut Butter (will help your muscles not cramp on long bouts of sitting)
  • Yogurt (Greek or Keifer)
  • fruits high in fiber — only if you are traveling alone!  Bananas, apples, kiwi or avocado (peel and eat like an apple! )  High fiber foods keep you fuller for longer.  Add with a handful of nuts…your set!
  • Smart Water (see my blog on how awesome Smart Water is!)  Again, this will help with potential cramping
  • Gum!  Don’t eat it just keep it around to keep your mouth busy when you get bored.

2.  Stop frequently to stretch:

After sitting too long it sometime takes 10 minutes or more to work out the kinks.  Stretch frequently to keep your muscles from cramping AND to promote better circulation.  Your femoral artery runs through your hip.  If your hips are contracted and bent because you are sitting, you are restricting blood flow.  That restriction promotes fatigue.

  • Stand up when ever possible
  • Change sitting positions often
  • A lunge stretch is the World’s best stretch for opening up your hips.  Do it, do it well and do it frequently.  Ha!  that last sentence sounds like some advice I received just before I got married.
  • Stretch the hamstrings and back by standing up and touching your toes.  Hold 3 times for 20 -30 seconds.  Let your neck relax as you are bent over.

3.  Posture Check!:

Stop Mid sentence if you have to and check your posture.  Be aware of your posture and straighten up if needed.

  • Engage your core this will help support your back during long bouts of sitting.  Engaging  your core means holding your abdominal muscles tight without crunching.  You know how your stomach feels when you cough, sneeze or your flex because you are about to get punched in the gut?  That is how tight you want your abs!
  • Keep your shoulders down and away from your ears but relaxed
  • Do not slouch over.  Do not slouch over.  Do not slouch over!

4.  Schedule in Every meal and snack.

Make a specific time that you stop no matter what you are doing and eat your healthy snack.  The absolutely most detrimental thing you can do for any health and fitness goal is not eat while you are traveling.  This is another reason why stopping frequently is so important.  When you stop you will have the opportunity to eat your packed snack so that when you get to your destination you will not pull a Miss Piggy and eat the entire Chicken Fried Steak at the road side diner…or worse….. wait, that’s pretty much the worse thing you can eat.  Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about.  We are all guilty of this one.  One time it was deep fried bacon for me!

  • I know what you are thinking and YES this is possible!  Quite making excuses.  Here is how you can do it…
  • Set your phone or watch for every 3 hours to stop and eat.
  • Use this scheduled snack time to take advantage of all the 5 Fit Girl Travel Rules
  • Now can you see why preparation is KEY to success?

5.  Breath Normally.

Breathing too quickly results in the constriction of your blood vessels.

  • Blood carries oxygen to everything in your body.  Remember Rule #2?  Keep your oxygen blood levels normal AND stretch out the hip area (where your femoral artery is located) and you not only increase blood flow to your feet to your brain, you enhance the the quality of that blood.
  • Mental Clarity, increased energy and proper digestion are a result of properly oxygenated blood.
  • You don’t necessarily need to breathe deeply,  just normally.

These rules are to help you stay on track through your travels, reduce jet lag and have a better healthier traveling experience.  As always give me a buzz with questions.  I’m here to help you kick some ass and take some names during your fitness journey.  A journey that is ongoing for life.  You can and you will find the best you through family, friends, education and health.

A special thank you to my ABWA – LWEN girls for requesting this publication.  This is an excellent idea for a blog.  You ladies help me grow personally and professionally and my only wish is that this content helps you as much as you help me!  I wish I was traveling with you right now!