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This 93-year-old has a message for us: “A beach body at 90 is no longer a dream”

4 Apr

I created a strength building class format for 55 – 99 yr old Fitzees 3 years ago. Today, my classes are packed! I believe in the human mind and body! We are more capable than we think and my students at ANY age, LOVE to be pushed a little! This blog is so encouraging! EjnoyErnestine-Shepherd+74+year+old+body+builder

Ms. Ernestine…. 74 years Old!

TED Blog


Charles Eugster may be 93, but he has no less spring in his step than he did as a young man. In this talk from TEDxZurich, he brings us a powerful statistic: 92% of Americans over the age of 65 have one or more chronic diseases. While many clearly cannot be avoided, Eugster points out that inactivity is to blame for many of the diseases those who have lived long lives endure.

During the golden years, people retire and tend to slow down  — and yet there is a connection between work and one’s physical and mental health. But life doesn’t need to finish after retirement, which Eugster calls “voluntary or involuntary unemployment for up to 30 years.” That’s why Eugster has taken up rowing. And weightlifting. Watch this TEDxTalk about the factors for successful aging from a formidable speaker, who urges us to “break off the shackles of convention!”

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Ultimate Reset, Day 1

10 Jan

Holy shit, I was a food raping maniac.  I ate on program but had to pump it up with an extra serving of snack almonds and at dinner, I put fresh salsa on roasted potatoes because I was craving something spicy.  Oh, and I ate an extra cup of salad with red onions.  I also had a lot of Green tea and sparkling water to help with the hunger.

The food was fantastic and I was spot on with the the Mineralize, Oxygenize and even the Alkanize.  The Alkanize has a reputation being of that obnoxious boy you knew in middle school with bad hygiene, so I didn’t even smell it.  I just mixed the Alkanize with a 1/4 lemon and 1 ounce of cold water.  Shot that sucker down with out a breath and chased it with the other quarter of the lemon. 

Do I feel fantastic about Day one.  No.  But day two will promise to be better.  I will make it better. However, I slept like a freakin’ log.

I also had a lot of Green tea and sparkling water to help with the hunger.