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Strengthen Your Wrists, Your Core Will Thank You!

7 Feb

Many people think that exercises that strengthen your wrists are for body builders or people that lift heavy.  While this is true, EVERYBODY will benefit from stronger wrists.  The stronger your wrists are, the longer you will be able to hold a plank, a yoga pose or even Pilates moves.  You will be more likely to intensify the plank by adding movement and creating seamless transitions from one plank to another.

It’s a damn shame for you to have to come out of a plank you can hold for longer or even intensify if your wrists could handle it.  Not on my clock, My Fitzees!   I’ve brought up this topic because after a workout, tired wrists are frequent complaints of people everywhere.  Those that are experienced Fitzees and those that are just beginning their exercise journey!

The solution is very simple and quick.  Here is what I want you to do….

AFTER your workout grab a two heavy weights.  Walk around the room with the weights simply hanging at your side.  Let your wrists naturally move with the flow of your walk.

Continue this for as long as you can stand it.  If you can go longer than a minute, you need to try a heavier weight. 

Repeat 2 times.

The End.  Your done so now, check out your Vasodialation in your arms!  Ba-Boom!!!

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