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10 Minute Garlic Green Beans

16 Apr

Yes, even your kids will eat this quick and easy side dish.  The First secret to this dish is, don’t put too much thought into it.  Cook it up, dish it up and pack it up for leftovers. It’s made ‘quick and simple’ by the genius creation of pre washed, organic green beans.


Before Picture. After picture couldn’t be taken before consumed. We were starving


1 pkg of the pre washed, organic green beans (prep time: 15 seconds.  cut open the bag)

4-6 cloves of garlic finely chopped.  Don’t get fancy about it, rock that knife and chop away… pull your thumb under so it doesn’t entice your knife.

salt/pepper to taste.  I use Himalayan salt it helps regulate your body’s blood sugar, water and ph levels.  Plus, It’s PINK, how cool is that!  Image


Heat 2 tbls EVOO and add ALL the garlic and Himalayan salt on Medium heat.  Let cook for two minutes or until you can smell the garlic but DON’T let the garlic get too brown or it will end up burning and you will have bitter Green Beans that your kids nor your dog will eat.

Add your Green Beans and let cook for 3-4 minutes.  Then add just a touch of water and do NOT cover.  This is the second key.  The small amount of water will reduce and create a sauce like consistency.  My kiddos like their green beans less snappy than I so I advise to cook them (beans, not the kids) to a texture that is appealing to your entire family.

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Strengthen Your Wrists, Your Core Will Thank You!

7 Feb

Many people think that exercises that strengthen your wrists are for body builders or people that lift heavy.  While this is true, EVERYBODY will benefit from stronger wrists.  The stronger your wrists are, the longer you will be able to hold a plank, a yoga pose or even Pilates moves.  You will be more likely to intensify the plank by adding movement and creating seamless transitions from one plank to another.

It’s a damn shame for you to have to come out of a plank you can hold for longer or even intensify if your wrists could handle it.  Not on my clock, My Fitzees!   I’ve brought up this topic because after a workout, tired wrists are frequent complaints of people everywhere.  Those that are experienced Fitzees and those that are just beginning their exercise journey!

The solution is very simple and quick.  Here is what I want you to do….

AFTER your workout grab a two heavy weights.  Walk around the room with the weights simply hanging at your side.  Let your wrists naturally move with the flow of your walk.

Continue this for as long as you can stand it.  If you can go longer than a minute, you need to try a heavier weight. 

Repeat 2 times.

The End.  Your done so now, check out your Vasodialation in your arms!  Ba-Boom!!!

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Super Bowl XLVII Fun, Healthy and Gluten Free Party Food!

29 Jan

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Don't freak out at Super Bowl!

So, as Sunday, February 3rd approaches, you are dreading all the temptations that will be in front of you lurking at every table.  You are already hearing the voice in your head, “it’s okay to cheat one day… It’s the Super Bowl!”  You might even be fighting with yourself because you know that one day of temptation and failure could spiral out of control and leave you with a defeated attitude and of course, you don’t want this but you know that it may very well happen.  Am I right?  Take a deep breath, and don’t freak out, I have your solution!

Here is the plan.  I am going to create for you, a Super Bowl menu that your husband and guests won’t even know is healthy. On top of that, it will be portable so,  if you are not hosting you can simply take it with you as a special treat for the host of the party.  All I ask from you is that you ‘like’ my business Facebook page and I will PERSONALLY email you my Fun and Healthy Super menu.

First, my four tips for successfully making it through Super Bowl Sunday….

1.  write this on a piece of paper and put in your pocket….  ‘The average person will burn between 80 to 140 calories per mile walked’  on the back of the paper write, ‘There are 300-600 calories in 5 Buffalo Wings’  This is NOT worth it!

2.  Stay away from alcoholic beverages.  Does this sound like a big joke to you?  Then do this one tip and it will cut back on your calories and sugars…  *drink 16 ounces of water (regular,  flavored (no sugar) or sparkling water) between each glass of beer/wine/liquor.

3.  Don’t be afraid to say “no, thank you.”  You don’t need to give your host an excuse.  You simply say, “no, but thank you.” and then  change the subject. OR,  Flat out tell people, ” I’m committed to my resolution.”  when people hear that, they hone in on your emotion words, ‘commit and resolution’ and people respect that.  You might even strike up a New Year’s Resolution conversation and inspire them to keep on track!   Did you know it’s that easy to help people with out them even know you are helping them.  Our dedication and words have so much power.

4. Stuff your face with veggies and fruits.  All at one time… well one sitting, maybe even before the party starts.  The fiber will keep you feeling fuller for longer and more satisfied!

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Ultimate Reset Day 5 – 7

16 Jan

Coming into day 5 I hit an unexpected trouble point.  I have so much energy, I feel like I must workout to expend it!  I good problem to have, I guess. Image

I knew going into the Ultimate Reset that I would not be able to workout moderately or hard.  Truthfully, I didn’t think it would be much of a problem.  I viewed it as that is the way it is and I’ll do what it takes to feel great.  So now, at day 5, I’ve had 3 workouts.  Albeit they were ‘light’ for me, no cardio and light weights but still burning calories I need to reclaim my body back to perfect nutrition.  With working out, I’m losing control and losing sight of the most important reason I’m doing this… to remedy my adrenal fatigue raise my thyroid and progesterone levels and get off all these damn pharmaceuticals.

I’ve decided after week one, I will no longer be doing my ‘easy’ workouts.  I will be taking 30 minute walks and Vinyasa Flow Yoga.

wanna know what I’m doing….


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What’s So Smart About Smart Water

13 Sep

So, what is so smart about Glaceau’s Smart Water product, besides that they have Jennifer Anistin’s hot bod endorsing it?  Despite what you may think, it’s not a fad and the name is very fitting.  It is distilled water to which they have added electrolytes for quicker hydration.  Pretty smart huh?

Distilled water is the result of a process in which water is boiled and the steam (evaporation) is condensed.  Remember your second grad science teacher’s lesson on what makes rain?  Many impurities are removed from your water by this process.  Distilled water is the closest thing you can get to pure water.

Then Glaceau adds electrolytes ( Calcium Chloride, Magnesium Chloride and Potassium Bicarbonite) to jazz thing up!  The final product is a pure water with extreme hydrating properties and NO sugars or sugar substitute!

Go on, get ya some.  You will look super cool and super smart.  Plus, your body will thank you for leaving out the other crap.

Don’t get me wrong, there are vitamin and minerals that you get from regular water so if you drink distilled water all the time, you will want to use a great product called, Mineralize.  This product is scientifically designed to regulate your mineral content in your body and support cellular function. This water is great for everybody but I highly recommend it for the following people…

  • Preggos
  • people exercising moderately for weight loss
  • people that don’t have access to a plethora of water during the day
  • diabetics
  • Anybody that works out hard core.  TIP: If you need that extra sugar/glucose other isotonic products offer, eat 1/2 of a ripe banana.

Top 5 ways to Lose Weight on V-Day

14 Feb

The top 5 ways to lose weight on Valentines Day.

5. Save up your dinner carbs for your small night-time, Luxury Carb
4. Use Valentines day as an excuse to ‘have to’ work out so you can look good for your Honey-Bunny.
3. Make a dinner instead of going out and eating mass produced food.

2. Dance in your home or in a Club
1. Make a Romantic Night. For Example:

  • Kissing burns – 68 calories per hour
  • undressing – 8 calories total
  • massaging – 80 calories per hour
  • Hanky Panky — 144 per half hour!!! We have a winner!!

Lose weight, not the love this Valentine’s Day!

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